Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update on Library Fight: Victory for the Movement!

Yesterday (Tues, Jan 17) after a spirited rally, clear and passionate statements, and hundreds of petition signatures delivered, the Detroit Library Commission voted to RE-OPEN MONTEITH IN THE NEXT 20 DAYS and passed a resolution demanding that some of the 1 billion dollar surplus money be used to keep the libraries open!

We are not out of this fight. We are having a rally today (1/18/12) at the Lincoln Branch library (1221 E. Seven Mile) at 4:30 to both spread the word of our victory and continue to fight to re-open the other three libraries that have been closed. Only through continuing to build our movement and mobilize can we ensure our victories are real and last, but continue to win.

If nothing else this victory should make clear the we can build a movement that can ACTUALLY WIN. We don't have to be the good guys who always lose. The rich and powerful are not the only people with power. WE HAVE POWER! This victory needs to serve as an example of how we need to fight against all the cut-backs planned for Detroit and Michigan.

With the youth of BAMN in the lead, the collective actions of the community, Occupy Detroit, Friends of Monteith, and the Hull and Russell Street Block Clubs were able to take a militant stand on Dec 22, 2011 that clearly showed both the power and popularity of our movement against racism and austerity. The determination the youth in BAMN showed through weekly actions at Lincoln and other libraries helped to further organize the community of Detroit and continued to express the power of the movement. We need full discussion of this victory, because it can and must be duplicated. We can beat the EM and this victory shows the way!

--- Tristan from B.A.M.N (By Any Means Necessary)

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