Friday, January 18, 2013

State of the State - OCCUPIED

Wednesday January 16, 2013 Governor Rick Snyder had a date with Michigan Legislators to offer them his take on the State of the State. The people were not going to let that be a peaceful event! Activists came from around the state with a number of messages. We greeted people arriving for the invitation only event and many concerned legislators said "Thank you for being here!" We were welcomed with signs from fellow demonstrators saying:

  • Right To Work is Wrong
  • Michigan is Fracked 
  • Idle No More
  • Snyder is a Liar
Many people attending on the lawn had plenty of additional sentiments. Some carried photos of congress people with a red SHAME stamp across them. The state is in an uproar as it starts 2013, in the wake of over 282 bills passing in the past 30 days of 2012.

It isn't only the laws which are recently passed, many are concerned about the future. The entire lower peninsula of Michigan is "fracking ready" according to current laws. Activists are gathering at events offering media exposure to make sure environmental issues in Michigan are in front of many eyes. We need to wake up to the effects of climate change 

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